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(pronunciation:  hoo·tuh·na·nee): a lively gathering with music (and sometimes dancing).

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If you’re new to Hootenanny, let us help you find your new favorite game!


Do calculated moves and baby goats excite you? Try Floats McGoats!  Players fight to outsmart the others in a quest to get their shipwrecked goats on the raft. But watch out for the shark lurking in the waters. . . In this captivating game of strategy, it’s every wee goat for themself!


Snarkas is the game everyone loves to play!  Battle to collect cards and win gems in this highly competitive card game.  Sneaky strategies are used to ZAP! a path to victory and SNARKAS! your way to the top


If speed, strategy, and a little sabotage sounds like your kind of game, roll the dice with SIXEM and SIXEM Sour Patch Kids! Give the spinner a whirl to name the pattern, and the frenzy begins!  You’d better roll FAST to beat family and friends in this high intensity dice game.


Life is full of moments. . . wild, rude, or downright cringe. VERSES is the hilarious head nodding party game that gives these moments a beat! Players match Moment Cards with Song Cards – featuring the biggest bangers from the past few decades – hoping their choice is voted the funniest. It’s the party game that SLAPS!


Love this game! Our family is addicted… we’ve been playing Snarkas almost every night since we got it. In addition to it being super fun, the cards are so sparkly and beautiful… such high quality.

Amazon CustomerVERSES

Verses is an absolute blast for social gatherings and brings so much laughter to the table. It is easy to learn and play and it is a hilarious must-have for any game night!

Laura C.Floats McGoats

We had an excellent time playing with a group across all age ranges. Watch out for that shark and you are sure to have a wonderful time with family and friends!

Amazon CustomerSIXEM

Loved this game and the fast pace! We played it with a wide range of ages, 6-70, and everyone had a blast! Highly recommend!

Austin S.Floats McGoats

I've literally had dreams about getting all those capsized goats to safety. Such a great game!